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Year after year we continue to grow and deliver to the world all the quality and technology of our products.

Our product portfolio is very wide in Female Lingerie "DG and DGPlus Collection", "BN Collection", "SS Collection", "PA Collection", "AV Collection", "CA Collection", "GL and GL Plus Collection", in SS and Parfums KR lingerie accessories.

If you have a business or start… You have to sell KarmelRoss ©!

You can also grow with us as a seller of our products in your city.


Modalities KarmelRoss B2B:


  • - "Retail Stores", traditional sale of physical commerce, for clients with their own establishment to the public.
  • Bored of having to buy large volumes ?, Does the excess of stock eat everything you benefit?
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 - "e-Stores B2B2C", ideal for entrepreneurs and retailers without presence or online sale.

  • .- It is the system that KarmelRoss, makes available to entrepreneurs and retailers, with an online store under our image and / or personalized domain and with the articles of KarmelRoss, without having to make a large investment.

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  • - "Sale by B2B2C Digital Catalog", ideal for entrepreneurs and Freeland professional teleworkers.
  • .- KarmelRoss Digital Catalog, is the digital sales tool (it is browsed as a physical magazine, but by means of devices), under our image to present online and in person (by Tablet, Smartphone or PC with Internet connection), in which each product has a "Buy Now Button" and clikquendo redirects the consumer digitally to the online store for the purchase of the product.

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KarmelRoss B2B Spain and Portugal

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  • Sale KarmelRoss B2B Spain and the Canary Islands.
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