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Gift Card Rules


I. General conditions

  • Editor - "KarmelRoss" as trade name of a specific product line of Comercial *. *, CB with registered office in Business Center e-Business B2B2C ES-ALC-EU, Padre Villacastin, 1 28280 El Escorial, Madrid, Spain, is committed to deliver the KarmelRoss gift card to the customer and accept it for execution for its economic value in the KarmelRoss.com online store.
  • The Client undertakes to provide the Issuer with the funds declared in amounts corresponding to the value of the card purchased. These funds are transferred in full to the publisher's property at the time of the order payment of the Gift Card at the KarmelRoss.com store.
  • The KarmelRoss gift card is sent to the selected "customer / beneficiary" during the shipping order form. The customer is obliged to cover the shipping costs. Shipping by Postal Mail to Spain is free.
  • KarmelRoss Gift Card, can only be used in the KarmelRoss.com online store. KarmelRoss Gift Card is not subject to change for cash, in whole or in part. The return of the gift card not used by the buyer is possible under the same conditions as the return of all the products in the KarmelRoss.com online store. The Shop Regulations apply to this product as to any other KarmelRoss product.
  • The KarmelRoss gift card contains information on the value and expiration date of the card, as well as the card number.
  • The publisher is not responsible for the loss or making available to third parties the code authorizing the use of the KarmelRoss Gift Card.
  • The validity date of the KarmelRoss gift card is shown on the Card.


II. The rules of use of the KarmelRoss gift card.

The beneficiary of the corresponding KarmelRoss Gift Card can make their compensation at the KarmelRoss.com store. Once you have determined the products you want, in the order form, you must enter the KarmelRoss gift card number in the "Comments" field, referring to Refund Code / Gift Card Number ", the value of the Card will be deducted of the amount of the order in the confirmation email that there is availability of these products and that the c @ c-KarmelRoss sends you later. The Client is obliged to pay the difference in price with the payment methods available in the KarmelRoss.com online store, when the value of the Goods is greater than the current nominal value of the KarmelRoss Gift Card.
In the event that the order value is less than the balance on the KarmelRoss Gift Card, the resulting difference will remain in effect until the expiration indicated on said KarmelRoss Gift Card.
The Publisher has the right to refuse to carry out the KarmelRoss Gift Card if the KarmelRoss Gift Card expires.

III. Liquidations and claims of KarmelRoss Gift Cards.

All complaints related to the purchase of Products that use the KarmelRoss gift card will be considered by the Editor within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of submission of a written complaint by Client @.
Complaints can be sent by email to KarmelRoss@KarmelRoss.com, directly to the Editor's office during business hours.

IV. Return of Goods

In the case of returning the Products purchased in the KarmelRoss store with the KarmelRoss Gift Card, the Customer will be compensated by issuing a new KarmelRoss Gift Card equal to the value of the returned products and sending it to the Customer.


V. Final provisions.

The Client / beneficiary, together with the reception and acceptance of the KarmelRoss Gift Card, declares that he has read the contents of this Regulation, accepts its content in its entirety and undertakes to comply with its provisions. By means of the KarmelRoss gift card, the Customer confirms the order to use it to the extent that it results from the documentation in the possession of the Editor.
The issuance of the KarmelRoss gift card does not constitute a sale subject to value-added tax (VAT) within the meaning of the applicable tax legislation. The KarmelRoss gift card in understanding the applicable law is not an electronic payment instrument, nor is it an electronic payment card. KarmelRoss Gift Card is a form of a gift voucher.
For all matters not regulated in this Regulation, the provisions regarding commercial vouchers will apply.
The content of this Regulation is available on the website http://info.karmelross.com/en/Gift-Card-Rules/
"KarmelRoss" as the commercial name of a specific product line of Comercial *. *, CB is obliged to provide the Customer with the Regulation in writing on each application.
"KarmelRoss" as the commercial name of a specific product line of Comercial *. *, CB reserves the right to modify the Regulation.
All changes will take effect from the date of their introduction by the Editor, after sharing the modified Regulations for inspection at the KarmelRoss .com store.

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