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HOW CAN I PAY? .- For purchases at KarmelRoss, you can pay by bank transfer (prepaid in our bank account) or, (soon) PayPal and banking gateway.
WHEN DO I HAVE TO PAY? .- When you place an order from KarmelRoss.com and press the payment form button, a proforma invoice is generated but you do not make any payment, you must wait for the email sent by C @ C-KarmelRoss, which confirms the availability of the products and time of receipt thereof and payment coordinates. Our team will not start the process management until the corresponding payment is not reflected in our bank account. Well, the sooner you do it, the faster we will send the package. Basically, you have 3 days to pay for your purchases. If you do not do so during the aforementioned time, we will have to cancel your order. And we really do not want to do this.
What account number should I transfer money to? .- In the email of availability of the products that you will receive from our C @ C-KarmelRoss, it will be detailed the information related to our bank account.
I live abroad CAN I ORDER IN YOUR STORE? .- Yes. (International delivery).
HOW MUCH CHARGE WOULD IT BE AND WHEN WILL I RECEIVE IT? .- All charges and details such as times, etc ..., will be reflected in the confirmation email and will depend on the country of destination. However, the exact time depends on the chosen shipping method.



  • Delivery time:

  • Total delivery time = (Processing time) + (Delivery time).

  • .- Processing time: Before sending your order, we normally need 5 to 10 business days to prepare your products, perform strict quality control tests and carefully pack the items. So the processing time is independent of the shipping time.

  • .- Shipping time: Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands) will normally take between 2 and 7 business days. Other countries (some places will take between 15 days and 2 months due to long distance).

  • For Spain .- KarmelRoss, we use as a means of shipping normally, Postal Service in its standard character 48 / 72h. of home delivery or collection in the office of your convenience.

  • Other countries .- We also use Postal Post in the standard mode normally, but the transport time will depend on the country of destination.


  • .- No, we do not have our own traditional stores. But our products if they are sold in retail stores, if your desire is to make the purchase in a store, CONTACT and we will send you which are the closest to your zip code or address.


  • .- No. That's the time when we relax and have fun. Thanks to it we can have a lot of energy during the week!

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