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For a pleasant experience and full satisfaction, we recommend you use the size calculator that we put at your disposal in this link.


Download HERE the calculator. --- >> Calculate Your Size << --- Download HERE the calculator.


  • For the Sizes calculator to work, you must have installed on your computer: "Microsoft Excel" ver.-2003 and / or later. Ó "OpenOffice Worksheet", if you. you do not have it installed on your device, you can download it from << HERE >>.

  • If you are browsing from your smartphone, you may not need to download any program, they usually have a built-in spreadsheet application.

  • If you have downloaded the OpenOffice application, double click on it, choose the language or language of the installation (by default it usually recognizes the same of the computer) and follow the steps that it suggests is very easy, once finished, double click on the calculator file and it will open.

  • In the initial tab of the calculator, you have some brief instructions on how to take your measurements and in which boxes to insert them. Once the measurements are inserted, the calculator recommends one or more of our sizes. With the indicated sizes, mark them in their corresponding pictures of the a divina's store, click on Search and it will automatically show you all the models of those sizes.

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For a pleasant experience and full satisfaction, we recommend you use the size calculator. However and then we leave the details of our sizes,. All measurements are given in centimeters.

Sizes KR e-Lingerie BN
KR e-Lingerie BN Size SM
KR e-Lingerie BN Size LXL
KR e-Lingerie BN Stockings Sizes
KR e-Lingerie BN Size XXL
C@C-KR e-Lingerie BN

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