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The access to the sites like "KarmelRoss" of the commercial "Commercial *. *, CB" and the use of the services and contents that are provided through them constitute regulated activities by these General Conditions of use (hereinafter "General Conditions") ") That, to make the reading easier, we explain below in the form of frequent questions with their respective answers. We remind you that by accessing our sites and / or using even one service, you implicitly accept and accept the General Conditions published on this page. If you do not wish to accept them, we invite you not to enter or use the contents and services offered through our sites.



For an easier and lighter understanding, here is a glossary of the most frequently used terms on this page.

  • Comercial *. *, CB, (hereinafter "C. *. *,"): Estor, owner, owner and / or authorized of the sites and domains and subdomains registered by each of the brands and companies of Comercial * . *, CB, including, but not limited to, limitation: C. *. * Or KarmelRoss.
  • Comercial *. *, CB, is also the owner of the domains, the owner and / or authorized of the sites and services and content provided through the sites, the manager and / or owner and / or authorized infrastructure computer support and others;
  • Sites: web portals attributable to Comercial *. *, Constituted by the set of services and contents made available to the Users who visit them;
  • Services: set of activities and operations that the Users can execute with the contents made available through the sites;
  • Contents: as a non-exhaustive example, texts, documents, audiovisual materials, information, graphic elaborations, photographs and / or images, illustrations, drawings, logos, works and any other type of original or reproduced material published on the sites or sent through them, including software, operating logics of the sites, menus, web pages, plans, graphic design and colors.
  • Usuari @: Users of the sites and services provided through the sites.
  • B2C: business relationship between the company and the final consumer.


F.A.Q. Terms of use

If I have not yet turned 18, can I use the "KarmelRoss" sites?

  • If you have not yet turned 18, you should not browse freely on our sites.
  • What you can not do; is to use the services that require the registration and communication of data and information. Registration and use of the services made available through the sites C. *. *, Are allowed only to those over 18 years. Minors are not authorized to register on the sites or to use the services made available through them without the prior consent of a parent or guardian.
  • By accessing and using even a single service that requires registration and communication of data and information through our sites, you guarantee to be of legal age (18 years) and possess the legal capacity to stipulate binding contracts.
  • If during browsing on the Internet you see or are asked for information that you do not understand or it is not clear to you, ask your parents for help. Remember: this is always true, not only for the C. *. * Sites, but for all the sites you visit on the Internet.

How do I know if the conditions listed on this page change?

  • If you want to keep up with the updates of these General Conditions, check this page periodically. This way you can check if modifications have been made or new features have appeared since your last visit. Each time that C. *. *, Modify all or part of the General Conditions, will publish the updated version on this page.

Can I use the KarmelRoss sites for professional purposes?

  • The contents and services of our sites in general are for personal use. This means that if, for example, you consult the pages, download information about the products, etc., you will have the obligation to do so as a subject that acts for purposes unrelated to commercial, business or professional activities
  • However, if the service you use is among those that allow you to make purchases, in this case you can use the service for personal or professional purposes. This means that you are free to buy through our sites either for purposes unrelated to your commercial, business or professional activity, or during the exercise of this.

What conditions and limits should I observe during the use of Commercial *. * Sites?

By accessing our sites and their content and services, you specifically commit to:

  1. Browse and use the sites and services to your free and total discretion and under your total and exclusive responsibility;
  2. Do not use them to pursue illegal objectives or commit illicit actions;
  3. Not to use them to interrupt, damage or totally or partially compromise their efficiency and functioning;
  4. Exempt C. *. *, From any responsibility with respect to any damage to the computer or to other devices of yours and / or third parties or to the data stored in them, except for possible liabilities for fraud and gross negligence attributable to C. * . * ,;
  5. Exempt C. *. *, And the afferent subjects of any responsibility for your actions during the use of the sites and services;
  6. Exempt C. *. *, From any liability for loss or damage caused in any way during the use and operation of the site, including, without limitation, the damages resulting from suspension, interruption, lack of operation and / or accessibility to the sites and services, the damages derived from the transmission to the user's processor of viruses and other harmful elements, the damages for business losses, loss of profits, interruption of the activity, loss of commercial information and / or any other type of pecuniary loss, with the exception of cases of damages for fraud and gross negligence;
  7. Declare to know and accept that C. *. *, Does not guarantee that the contents are accurate and complete and does not ensure that the sites, services and content can be provided without interruptions, punctually and safely;
  8. Accept that C. *. *, Does not guarantee the immediate correction of any material errors in the content and services provided through the site.

Are the images and photographs of the products I find in the C. *. * Sites reliable?

  • The images, photographs and any representation on the sites of C. *. *, Are merely illustrative. C. *. *, Constantly adopts measures aimed at ensuring that the photographs published on the sites are faithful reproductions of the original products, also resorting to the adoption of all possible technological solutions to minimize the inaccuracies. However, in the visualization of the images, variations may occur that can be attributed to various causes, including technical ones, sometimes due to the technological characteristics of the user's computer resolution. Consequently, C. *. *, Can not be considered responsible for the inadequacy of the graphic representations of the products illustrated on the sites in the presence of these technical reasons.

What policy does C. *. * Apply in the matter of commercial names, domain names and intellectual property?

  • Comercial *. *, CB, is the owner or exclusive licensee of the commercial names and logos registered present and future, such as, for example, not exhaustive, or limiting: C. *. * Or "KarmelRoss", and any other sign distinctive that includes related words, including domain names registered by each of the brands and companies of Group C. *. *, CB.
  • C. *. *, Reserves the right to make exclusive use of its logos and distinctive signs.
  • The contents and any other material contained in the sites and protected by the current rules on copyright, trademark protection and patents and / or other provisions of law, can not be copied, modified, reproduced or used in any way without express and explicit written authorization of C. *. *, not even by virtue of subsequent contractual and business agreements stipulated with the User.

What are cookies and how are they used by C. *. *?

  • The sites of C. *. *, Make use of cookies issued even by third parties. For more information about the policy of use of cookies of the sites of C. *. * ,, consult our Cookies Policy.
  • The sites of C. *. *, May contain links to other websites outside C. *. * ,. These sites are not in any way managed or controlled by C. *. * ,, which can not in any way be held responsible for its contents and rules.
  • These General Conditions are applicable exclusively to the sites of C. *. *, And not to other websites accessible to the User through links.

Can I send and upload content on the C. *. * Sites?

  • Some services provided by the sites (eg blog, events, contests and promotional and / or thematic initiatives of an extraordinary and temporary nature) allow you to send and upload content, such as photos and opinions, which, by virtue of the nature of the services themselves, are intended for communication and dissemination.
  • C. *. *, Applies a policy of verification and selection of the contents and images sent and will remove from their systems, their unquestionable judgment, any content or image that violates the rules set forth in this page.
  • In particular, the Users are obliged to abide by the prohibition of sending illegal and / or abusive images and contents, which are harmful to the rights of others or which violate or may violate the right of confidentiality, intellectual or industrial property rights or other rights of third parties, and pornographic and / or sexually explicit, slanderous or defamatory, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or in any way reprehensible or offensive, in accordance with current legislation and the rules of behavior set forth on this page. C. *. *, Collaborates with the Public Authority in all cases in which information and / or information necessary to identify the perpetrators of such unlawful acts is requested.
  • ​​​​​​​Below are the principles and rules of behavior that we invite you to comply with as a User during the sending and uploading of content on our sites. If you decide to use this type of service, you agree to accept and respect the principles and rules set forth below. If you do not wish to accept them, we invite you not to send or upload content through the sites C. *. * ,.

Principles, Rules and Behavior


  • If you send content, you do it in your free and total discretion and under your total and exclusive responsibility;
  • C. *. *, Can not be held responsible for the contents sent by the / the User and, consequently, can not guarantee its complete, correct, truthful or legal nature;
  • The publication of the opinions sent by the User does not constitute the expression of criteria or advice on the part of C. *. *; specifically, C. *. *, does not recognize the contents of such opinions as their own;
  • C. *. *, May remove, modify, disseminate, communicate and use the contents sent by the User, which, when sending them, renounces any material and moral right regarding the contents sent;
  • The User grants C. *. *, The unlimited right of non-exclusive use of the contents sent, without limitations of means and geographical areas. Therefore, C. *. *, May, directly or through third parties, use, copy, transmit, extract, publish, distribute, publicly execute, disseminate, create derivative works, host, index, memorize, annotate, encode, modify and adapt (including, without limitations, the right to adapt for transmission with any form of communication) in any form and with any instrument, current or future, any Content, including audiovisual, sent by the User, including through third parties;
  • When sending images and portraits, the User authorizes C. *. *, To the use of said material for the purposes and according to the conditions set forth in the following General Conditions. In particular, the User grants to C. *. *, The right of total or partial use of the images sent, which may be used, by virtue of such recognized right, as a whole or in individual parts or components, even through assemblies, cuts and adaptations, without any limitation, except for the use of such images in contexts that may cause damage to the dignity, reputation or personal decorum of the interested party and his / her neighbors. The User grants to C. *. *, The right of reproduction, publication, diffusion, communication, execution and representation in public, in any place and by any means (eg Internet, screenings during public events or at points of sale, publication in catalogs and magazines, etc.), of the aforementioned images, recognizing C. *. *, as the sole and exclusive owner of the images and filming and of all rights of use and exploitation in any form and with any present or future medium. When making the shipment, the User renounces any right with respect to the listed actions, regardless of whether the images contain or not representations pertaining to him / her;
  • The material sent will not be returned to the User, but will be the property of C. *. *, Which, therefore, will not have any responsibility to the User in case of loss or destruction of said material;
  • The services provided by the sites that allow the User to send and upload content are intended for personal use; In the event of carrying out these operations, the User is recognized as a person acting for purposes unrelated to commercial, business or professional activities, except in the specific cases indicated.

Rules and behavior for the User

  • Use a respectful language, without making use of violent, offensive or obscene terms or expressions;
  • Refrain from posting false, offensive, illicit, defamatory, libelous or obscene content, or in any way contrary to law or harmful to others;
  • Do not publish contents oriented to the diffusion of political, spiritual or religious ideologies;
  • Do not violate the confidentiality of third parties (for example, by giving names and surnames, mobile numbers or addresses, in particular, avoid publishing personal information about children under 18);
  • If you send photos or videos of children under 18, make sure you have obtained explicit authorization from your parents or guardians;
  • Verify the accuracy of the published data and cite the source of texts and / or articles written by other people. Make sure you respect the laws in force in Spain, Europe, the Dominican Republic and Paraguay (Mainly), in terms of patents and other industrial and / or intellectual property rights;
  • Avoid publishing hidden or explicit advertising messages.

How does C. *. * Protect my confidentiality and my data?

  • For C. *. *, The privacy of people is a value. In C. *. *, We are committed to protecting the privacy of the users of our sites. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.
  • C. *. *, Adopts security measures and technical and organizational resources to protect the security of its sites and of the Users. These measures and resources aim to ensure that the data of the Users are protected against risks of dispersion, destruction, unauthorized access, abuse or uses not in accordance with the law.
  • With respect to the payment systems available for purchases through the sites, such as TpV, PayPal or similar, we require you to use systems complying with the PCI DSS standard for the protection of credit card data (https: // www.pcisecuritystandards.org/). No computer file of C. *. * Will keep such data.
  • With respect to the reserved areas made available to the User (eg wish list, My KarmelRoss), they are subject to registration and assignment of access data (user name and password) by C. *. *,
  • The security of your password depends to a large extent on the precautions that you yourself should take:
  • Do not write or communicate your password to anyone
  • Do not allow other people to use your password
  • ​​​​​​​If you fear that your password has been compromised, please contact KarmelRoss@KarmelRoss.eu as soon as possible. Try the way that nobody but you can know it.


These General Conditions are regulated and will be interpreted in Spanish language and according to Spanish law. Any inherent controversy and / or derivative thereof must be resolved exclusively by the Spanish jurisdictional authority. The competent court for the application of these General Conditions will be the Courts of Madrid.




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