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KR-B2B2C e-Shops


- "e-shops KR-B2B2C", ideal for entrepreneurs and retailers without online presence or sale.

  • .- It is the system that KarmelRoss, makes available to entrepreneurs and retailers, facilitating an online store:
  1. .- Through a subdomain (Ejp: "www.woman.KarmelRoss.com") and / or personalized domain (www.ejemplo.eu, .com.es, .es), both rental options;
  2. .- Under the image and products of KarmelRoss;
  3. .- Without concern in actulization, design, development, management, etc. of the e-Store (designs, develops and manages "aZZiona-T.eu"). You just focus on the sales management.
  4. .- Without having to make a large investment; (fulfilling certain requirements, even free *). (* must meet the requirements).​​​​​​​
  5. - B2B relations, subject to contractual conditions of Spanish legislation by means of a written contract

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